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Measure Tool (in plan & Z coordinate)

Gerry Leonor

Can we please have the Z coordinate of the Measure Tool be active in the floor plan & be smart enough to detect the levels of a surface it hovers over?


in the screenshots below:

  • left - level (Z coordinate) should read as 4700
  • right - level should read as 4550



Currently, you can detect the Z coordinate in  3D (obviously) but you can't know the level of a slab or mesh until you either open the settings, or place a level dimension. the Measure Tool already measures length (linear & cumulative) & area, but it needs to be able to detect the Z coordinate in plan view. it'd be great if it could extend to detect the Top of Wall / column or the level of a lowered part of an angled beam VS the higher part of the same beam. if it hovers over empty space, it should default to detecting the level of the current storey.

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An indication that dZ is included or ignored for the distance measured would be required.

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