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Need a way to manage licences from admin panel


Hi guys. 

I have a hybrid office model, where some employees work at home one week, and at our office another week. Sometimes, one or another employee forgets to upload his licence on his home computer, and goes to our office, making one of our ArchiCAD licences being stuck for nothing. Other scenario, is if our office get internet issues, and our employees need to go home to finish their work, but they cannot download the licences, because it's locked on our computers on our office, that has no internet to upload the licences. An ideal way to manage this, is just going to Graphisoft admin panel, and getting a button to release that licence. But there's no way to do that at this time. 


This is an improvement suggestion to make Graphisoft licence management being better. Someone had this idea before?


Does it actually work at the moment? Do no problems arise in relation to a particular licence? Wouldn't such an improvement, free up the wicket to use only one instead of multiple licences, which, by the way, is probably expected by many people, not just you or I

Sorry, but I didn't understand your question.
Currently, licenses cannot be managed through the administration panel, preventing a license that is stuck on a specific computer from being disassociated from it without the need for the person to return to the computer and upload the license.
This is a serious problem, since having a hybrid environment of home office and office work, if an architect forgets to upload the license, it gets stuck on the home or work computer, and he cannot use it in the other environment. Or worse: a computer that breaks down, and the license gets stuck in it, is not easily disassociated.
This is a very important feature that needs to be implemented.

Ricardo Lopez

Hi @support 

Check about new cloud licenses:


What is a cloud license?

“Cloud license” refers to cloud-based software licensing - the method used by modern software businesses to license out and distribute their software product to customers using cloud technology.

When you purchase a subscription, cloud licensing happens automatically and in the background - you don’t have to obtain or insert any keys. Just log in to the application using your Graphisoft ID, and you’re good to go.

What’s the advantage of cloud licenses?

No “licensing steps” needed - the licensing process happens automatically, in the background
With a cloud license, you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging a protection key
With a cloud license, you can use your software on multiple devices (one device at a time), because you can easily transfer your license from one device to another


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Just be aware, cloud licenses will not work with any version before 26.

So if you need to use old versions, you can't.


Also I am not sure if you can convert existing licenses to cloud licenses.

I think you can purchase them only with new subscriptions.




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