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Non-printable layers

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I can't seem to find a topic about this, so here goes...

Currently, each layer has a lock/unlock and a visible/invisible toggle.

How hard would it be to add another toggle to make a layer printable/non-printable?

Every other 2D drafing app I've ever used has this function, and it's great!

Could you add it to the next build? or must we wait for the next version?
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It would be handy to make visible layers non-printing, but since it would still presumably be governed by the layer combinations it wouldn't serve as the sure fire way to keep certain layers from ever printing. It also runs counter to the wysiwyg principle.
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To provide a "constantly non-printing" layer, would surely be a simple as the current "constantly-visible & unlocked" [ArchiCAD Layer] - I've been told that AutoCAD has one (called DEFPOINTS I think)
...or one could simply adjust Layer Combinations setting to suit (both options would be good, giving max. flexibility)

As far as WYSIWYG principle goes, ("what you see is what you get" for readers of this thread not familiar with the acronym) it needn't be compromised - non-print layers could become either "ghosted" (but coloured separately from the ghost storey colour) or a pre-set colour. Currently, ghosted storeys don't print unless requested. This idea could behave in the same way.
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I loved the defpoints layer when we used autocad. We could put things on a layer that would be turned off and not print a white blob over everything. Ahhhh..... one of the good things about autocad.
The nice thing about a non-printing layer is that you can use it to provide information to the user without worrying if it will show up on the eventual output. Other than that it is not really necessary to Archicad in my opinion. (12 years using AutoCad) Still it is a common cad tool and I was a little surprised it wasn't present when I made the switch to AC.

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Every time someone suggests the non-print layer, I can't help wondering how are you using this program that you feel you need one? What are you drawing that shouldn't be printing?

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I strongly recommend DO NOT ADD the non-print layer function as Autocad Uses. I used Autocad for a lot of projects. It is a constant font of frustrating mistakes on documentations.

Archicad is a superior program with a lot more tools and much simpler ones.
We do not need such a thing. Please! As list is my point of view.
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I wish I never see a nonprinting layer option in AC!
According to me everything seen on the desktop should be printed! If not, it should not be on the desktop! Simple!

The old Autocad thinking has to be forgotten!
The Defpoins layer in Autocad is needed mostly for storing Points (the alternative of Hotspots), especially when using Blocks. Well, Hotspots are nonprintabe in AC!
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I also found it surprising that Archicad did not have a
"non-printing" layer. The other Cad programs that I use have one.
It's not something I use everyday, but it's useful.
The others that I've talked with who have only used Archicad
didn't know it was possible but would love to have one.
Our feeling is that for Archicad to add the layer and those
who don't want it don't have to use it, but it won't ruin the
program to add it for those
who would like to have it.
Thank you.
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I agree with adding a printable/non-printable layer as this could be used for complex 3D models which would otherwise slow down your model/work space, and have the option to only display these models when printing. Just my 2 cents worth. Not sure if anyone has had this issue where a downloaded object is slowing down your workflow significantly? I am currently having this issue.