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Object Selective Parameter Locking


It would be nice if a library objects parameters could be locked but yet the object could be placed and moved around in the project. It is terribly easy for object to be accidently stretched when trying to move them around, and not everyone notices or even understands that they have altered the shape of the object.

Gary Ford
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Yes and this should of course be integrated in a proper type functionality making it easy to overview and control the parameters of all objects (and elements) placed in the model.

Barry Kelly

Do you mean you would like to just select and drag an object without having it stretch?

That would be hard to control, as what would happen when you do want to stretch a node?

All I can suggest is to select the object and then CTRL+D so it can only drag and not stretch.

Or do not drag by nodes on the boundary or other stretchy nodes.


Of course you can control locking in the scripts, but you would not want to do this for all default library objects.

But for objects you create yourself ...


In the Parameter or master script .... LOCK "A", "B", etc.

This will lock those parameters - but the use can't unlock them.

If you do want the user to be able to unlock them, then you must add a new boolean parameter "lock_parameters".

Then ...

if lock_parameters = 1 then

LOCK "A", "B", etc




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