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WISH: Interactive Schedule wishes



1) I wish we could be able to do something as in the attached image:




2) I wish we could add in the interactive schedules something like: add a field that has a pop up menu (like when choosing Classifications as a field) in which you can choose Parameters and Propertis to add, subtract, multiply, and so on. It would be like the expression editor for Properties, but with Parameters too.

Barry Kelly

1). Just tick the 'Show Headline" option in the schedule window.

In the 'Edit' button you will just want the 'Source of the headline' to be 'The first schedule field'.

It won't look exactly as you show but will group based on the first column (your surnames).



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Hi Barry,


yes I do know about this feature, and I use it. I would just like it to be more "graphically" pleasing/appealing and in the meantime to give us more freedom in Schedule graphical design.