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We need Archicad updates in different languages all at the same time.


Updates and new versions should be released in all language packs at the same time.

Does anyone imagine an update of windows, macos, or any other program that depended on different languages to come to light?
The clearest example is in the new version of Archicad 26 for ARM, which in some languages will not be released until 2023.
I don't know the technical reason why different languages have different release dates. I don't know if there is technically any other system to launch the updates in different languages all at once, but if there is, Graphisoft should implement it.

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so if there is a fix for one then they should have to wait until others get it too.  even if its ready?

just wait to update maybe?  you cant really compare a program to an os.  two totally different things.

It's been done this way for years. Doesn't make sense to have all regions wait until the last one is ready. I know it sucks, but look at the silver lining that some regions that have a low number of users are still being served, even if down the line a ways.

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At the moment there are such issues that AC26 NOR and INT version don't have matching updates. AC26 INT have 3010 and 4019 builds, while AC26 NOR have 3010 and 4022. In such case if you work in same teamwork file with colleagues from other country you must use 3010 build. All updates/fixes done in 4019 and 4022 builds, you are not allowed to have, because your Archicad build versions are not matching 😄 What can you comment about that ? 

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Doesn't collaborating across different regional versions already cause other issues and hence should be avoided?

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if you prefer you can compare Archicad with any other program such as FinalCutpro, autocad, or if you prefer revit from version 2016 where language packs are no longer used and the updates are applied to the program that contains all the languages. Things can and should be done better and it is our mission as users to be demanding.

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