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Suggestions for updates

Benjamin Anselmo



I havent taken the time to read trough the forum so this may repeat som suggestions already made but I will get mine of my chest.


1. text tool with possibilities of many columns.


2. A dedicated celing tool. The curtain wall tool is ok but not so fun to edit. It would be prefereble if one could edit it more like slabs.


3. For railing, stairs, windows and other tools with alot of surfaces it would be great there was one option to change the surface for all. still being able to uncheck this and change them for each surface as it is now. but for railing for example chaning color take ages as all post, balustrade ext has to be change individualy.


4. Some uniform option of font for the project. Arial is the standard so if i could in project preferences change this to say ISOCPEUR this would make this font the standard and not arial. 


Thats it for this time.


Thanks in advance Benjamin




I wouldn't worry about duplication of wishes - seeing as there isn't a proper framework in place - but this post touches on three separate topics text/font, new tool for ceilings and surface management and should ideally be three separate posts (perhaps even four).