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project phases

Emanuele Piccinini

i'd like to be able to divide the project in many design phases and to compare the differences between them.

renovation filter permit only two phases and one comparative. the new design option it's a great tool but is not made to keep all the subsequent design phases in a complex project, with many modifications during the time.


I totally agree.
The Construction Simulation Tool should be integrated and improved.

At this point, Desgin Options, Renovation Filter and Phases should be joined in an unique tool.

Yes - design options was really a missed opportunity for GS to take A new approach to change and alternative designs. Past(s), present(s), future(s) should be nothing more than different states of the model that the user choose to model in - leaving it to the computer to keep track of connections and changes. What we got through design options with all the limitations and user input needed for anything beyond a small side sketch is just embarrassing from a company that boast about being a leader in BIM innovation.

Hi @Emanuele Piccinini ,


I agree with you that DOs feature is a great tool but really it’s not made for only a specific target, what distinguishes Archicad is its innovative tools which can be used in many scenarios.


In your case, did you try to keep the original building without/before modifications in the main model while putting every modification in a new design option?


Did you try to mix using DOs with Reno. Filters?


Did you try to get out the most of Archicad by using DOs with RFs & Layer combos?


Try all these scenarios & take your time, you may reach out to something unique, only you’ll know it cuz only you could try it.

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