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Bimx Hyperlink dont work from APP

AM  Minniti

Hi... in the new version of the Bimx APP, Hyperlinks generated by the app no ​​longer work. It is a Bag Bug? Is it wanted from Graphisoft or has something changed in the way of use?

Thank you


Norbert Kucsma

Hi Alfredo,


I am sorry to hear about the issue. Please make sure the 'Markers&Hyperlinks' option is active.

If the toggle is on, please share more details on the problem.

Which platform are you using?  And which app version?


Feel free to send feedback through the application and contact us directly at!


Kind regards,

Norbert Kucsma

Technical Support Engineer


Hi Norber, thanks for your interest.

I use the latest version, the problem is not that the hyperlink cannot be generated, but its functioning. I'll give you an example, if I generate a hyperlink from the Web App of the  Bimx Demo Hyper-model

Web app:


when I send the link to the phone and try to open it it goes to the browser and not to the installed app like the old version did.



if I generate the link from the app on the phone, the link is not editable.




Even if I try to send the link generated by the app to my phone via email, it doesn't work




the platform I use is Windows, the mobile apps are installed on iOS (iPhone and iPad).

everything that doesn't work now (at least for me) has always worked perfectly with the old versions, the links generated by the phone were opened directly from the app, now they don't open in any way.




Roland Szabo

Hello Alfredo,

Hyperlinks generated in the web app ("https://bimx.webviewer.graphisoft...") are for quickly checking the model in BIMx Web, which is optimized for desktop, and not supported on iOS since February. These links expire in 24h (see Help) to avoid overlap with model embedding. BIMx Mobile handles the "bimxapplication://..." custom URL scheme from outside the app, and never supported the "https://bimx-webviewer.graph..." generated in BIMx Web. 

You can easily modify or create permanent hyperlinks for BIMx Mobile in every text-editing capable app including Archicad (e.g. link to one or multiple 3D elements, see article). The BIMx API documentation page 23-27 describes: import model, open model, open 3D with camera position+selection, open layout from outside the app or from element information, etc.

Please note that the recognition of "bimxapplication://..." as a link to BIMx depends on the mobile application where the URL is. For example on iOS, Notes and Mail apps recognize this custom URL even if it is embedded. Outlook also recognize the link, but does not support embedding. Gmail, WhatsApp do not support any of these. Unfortunately, BIMx has no control over how other applications handle custom URLs. To share such mobile hyperlinks with others, the best practice is embedding them into a website, the UI of mobile browsers support it. BIMx Model Transfer's Download button also uses this: mobile downloadlink copied from iOS Chrome.

I recommend checking other parts of the linked BIMx API documentation. Extensions are not that complex, and enable adding live data to BIMx, see example (as of this September at no additional cost thanks to the new cloud licensing).

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

@AM Minniti wrote:

Hi... in the new version of the Bimx APP, Hyperlinks generated by the app no ​​longer work. It is a Bag Bug? Is it wanted from Graphisoft or has something changed in the way of use? Download Scarlet iOS

Thank you


Have you checked if there are any specific settings or preferences within the Bimx APP related to hyperlink behavior?

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