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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Cast shadows in BIMx Mobile

Roland Szabo


More realistic visuals

Realistic visuals are becoming increasingly important in architectural presentations. BIMx presents a visual quality enhancement for a more realistic look: the new Cast Shadows render mode!

indoor shadows.gif

Explore the virtual building with this new default shading option that adds shadows to your model. Shadows are calculated on the fly: cut the 3D model and see the shadows adjust automatically. 

Adjust sun settings

BIMx opens 3D models according to the Location Settings defined in Archicad. The skybox is horizontally rotated to project orientation and the model’s shading is also aligned automatically.

In the latest BIMx iOS and Android applications, you can easily adjust Sun settings with the sliders described below:


  • This slider rotates the skybox around the model between 0 and 360° and changes the shading accordingly: Elements’ sun-facing sides are lit with a slightly warm color, and the opposite sides are darkened. 
  • The default position of the slider is in the middle, aligned to the following Location Settings:
    • North Angle
    • Project Location is above or below the equator
  • Skybox can be rotated in all render modes and the model’s shading changes as well (except in ‘Hidden Line’ and ‘Black and White’ render modes, in which shading does not reflect project orientation).


  • This slider changes the height of the light source between 0 and 90°. 
  • The default position is set to 20°. 
  • It can be changed only in Cast Shadows render mode. 


  • This slider changes the shadow intensity: use to achieve exciting indoor and outdoor scenes. 
  • The default is the maximum intensity, aligned to outdoor visuals. 
  • It can be changed only in Cast Shadows render mode. 

Shadows in Favorites

Sun settings are saved to Favorites and visible on previews too. See the animated transition when switching between favorites:





Non-transparent elements and Billboards cast shadows. If the surface has transmittance in Archicad’s Basic Engine, shadows won’t appear:


Create compelling presentations

Displaying 3D models is significantly more realistic than before. Save favorite views with different sun positions and drive the narrative through the hyperlinked 2D&3D documentation with the enhanced BIMx!

Read this article to learn more about favorites, gallery items, and presentation mode.

Follow BIMx improvements in this article.




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