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Trying to open BIMx files on the online web viewer


Hi all.  I am trying to open my BIMx models directly in the online web viewer, but they just keep churning and won't open.  Anyone have any insight as to why this is happening?  I've tried several of my models.  Thanks!


Its because Graphisoft wont pay for decent bandwidth or servers,  BIMx on the web is a joke dont bother

AC27 i9 11900K / 128G ram / GTX 3090 / D5 Render

Oh.  Is that it?  Ugh.  Thanks.

Benjamin Dani


Thank you very much for your question!

Could you please give us more insight on the issue:

  • in what status do you experience the loading stuck?
  • in which browser did you try to open the model? 
  • is it happening in other browsers too?
  • is it working in incognito mode?
  • have you tried reloading the webpage after deleting the cache? 
    (in Chrome this can be done by following the steps here; cmd+shift+r keyboard shortcut)
  • is it possible to reproduce the issue in the sample model too?


If none of the above helps, please write an e-mail to and send us the problematic BIMx Hyper-model for further investigation.

Kind regards,


Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer

Roland Szabo

@archanom FYI we just updated BIMx Web Viewer to version 4389 on BIMx Model Transfer which might resolve this issue. See more details in BIMx News. Note that we're working on a next-gen browser and desktop application, bringing improved loading performance and other benefits within a few months.
Feel free to reach out to our BIMx experts on the above-mentioned mailbox (our primary support channel) if the loading issue still persists or if you have any other questions.

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

That's great news.  Thank you Roland.

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