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Resolved! Unable to display information in light fixture schedule

I'm working on Reflected Ceiling Plans and using the Lamp Tool for my lighting fixtures. I am trying to generate my light fixture schedule and have not been able to get it to display all the information I need (manufacturer, finish, lumens,volt, cost...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Display BMat IDs in attribute manager?

Hi, Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't it possible to display the Building Material IDs in the attribute manager? I only have the following columns: - is it used (the tickmark) - attribute index - preview of the cut fill and used surface (btw, th...

furtonb by Advocate
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Failure to Upload AC Library 24 on the BIM Cloud

Hello - After setting up the BIMCloud Basic on an office server and sharing the first teamwork file there, I am trying to upload the AC Library 24 and I am getting an error message. I have a project administrator and lead architect role so I was able...

Resolved! Finish Schedule - Custom? Really?

Are these the ONLY options that I can have for the Finish Schedule? If not, how do I go about adding flooring materials? Carpet for example, would be nice. Vinyl Tile would also be nice. Only four options seems sooooo limited.

Add Command Palette / Bar to Archicad

Just came across this little Mac application and wanted to share. Most modern programs these days seem to be adding the pop up command bar, which helps you move around the app much quicker without a mouse. Believe Vectorworks added this in their most...

Total Occupancy Across Modules

Hi all, Is there some way to use the Occupancy value or such, to get a total across multiple modules? At the moment I have managed to get it to give the number of each type of module, counting a specific zone, then I have listed and totaled Occupancy...

Schedule export to Excel and return to Archicad

Have exported a finish schedule that includes areas & perimeter to an Owner. .XLSX file. They intend to complete the schedule using Excel. Is there any way to import that Excel file back into AC and still keep the areas and perimeter dimensions linke...