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Wall accessories - wall framing

I am using Archicad 19 and I have installed the Accessories. I am trying to use the Wall Framing but I have the following two issues: 1. Wherever there is a door opening there are two lines showing [I guess they are the header]. Can I make then not s...

Iris K by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Importing a LandXML file?

I have received a LandXML file from the Civil Engineer for the road and sidewalks surrounding a project my office is working on. Is there a way to import that information into ArchiCad for use in creating my site mesh?

kikishan by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Google Earth Connection for ArchiCAD 19

Hi everyone, I'm trying to find the google earth connections add-on for ArchiCAD v19 and by the look of my searching there isn't one available. Does anyone have any further information about the add-on? Is it inbuilt in V19 and I have missed or is cu...

Shoulder ht of trapezoidal window?

Does not seem to be a way to have the shoulder height of a trapezoidal window show in the window schedule. Guess I will have to add to the exterior elevations? On the door & window types (door and window schedule elevations) Does anyone know why they...

Vectorworks 2016

I have never used Vectorworks and have not been interested in it, but I just looked at some of the new features for Vectorworks 2016 and I'm like - Dang - I wish we could do that. Is VW actually comparable to ArchiCad?

Can't get BIM Server to work

I am upgrading from 12 to 19 (yes a big leap). I can't get BIM server to work. I have tried to install it on our server running windows server 2011 and when that wasn't working, a windows 7 workstation. I was on the phone with Graphisoft support and ...

Bwitty by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Cigraph installation blocked by Java

I am trying to load Cigraph Archisuite for AC19 for an AC19 project requiring Architerra. It won't load on Chrome and when trying it with Explorer, I get the following error message: 'Application blocked by Java Security'.I've checked Java and securi...

KeesW by Contributor
  • 0 replies

DS Door & window schedule elevations

I'm dragging and dropping the DS door schedule elevations into a layout from the project map and it comes in empty and when I double click the schedule is empty as well ( not populating ). The door and window schedules are working fine, just can't ge...