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place External Drawing vs Attach Xref. about the Pen settings.



1. I would like to know about place External Drawing.... vs Attach Xref.

What's the difference between the two?
2. I want to know about the Pen settings.








There was no problem with merging...
Both don't seem to be set up.

AC27 on window 11

2-1. I don't know what the view translator does in xref manager.
No matter how much I change it, nothing changes.



Even if you change it in the dxf-dwg translation setup, the input xref has no effect.
In other words, detach the xref and call it again, it seems to be resolved.
is this the correct answer?



2-2. What comes in attach xref is an object that cannot move and is used where?


3-1.  omg!
Suddenly, place external drawing... changed the pen. ^^
obviously didn't...
Turn it off and turn it back on to see if it works.
It must be a bug. ^^

AC27 on window 11