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Editing Custom GSM objects

Eduardo Viana



noob question:


I have created a complex column made out of slabs, column and walls. I then turned it into an object because I have lots of them in the project and need to make editing simple, just like an autocad block.

The problem is that I now cannot edit the object. I open de GDL editor but I only have script editing and no 3D editing. 

Any way of doing this? Maybe an object isn't the way of doing the equivalent of an autocad block.


Thanks in advance



If you are thinking of creating GDL editable objects graphically there is a GS add-on, Library Part Maker that may work for you. No scripting required.

These Help & Post links may be useful

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Karl Ottenstein

No, once you save the elements as an object, editing the saved object is only possible in GDL code.


Yes, this is nearly the same as an Autocad block in how you would use it, it is not like a block in how you edit.  Whenever you create a new object by saving elements as an object... you must also save those elements in case you need to edit or re-create the object.  Some people place these elements on a special layer that is only visible when creating objects.  Others place these elements in a completely different project file.


You might also consider creating your complex column using PARAM-O, which is easier to edit, although no visual dragging/reshaping is possible there yet (hopefully one day).  If created there - with a little more work - it can then be parametric, which could make the column more flexible.

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Tim Ball

One way of handling this kind of object is to keep the elements on a separate storey,then save from there to an object but don’t delete the elements

the other way is to save it as a mod file. That way it’s even easier to update and you can automate the mod file save using publisher

Tim Ball

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Steve Jepson

if you can show us the column, I bet you will get some very good solutions as to how it can be modeled in a way that makes it easily editable in a group or individually.  Perhaps only some parts of it need to be edited frequently.  ?  My first thought was that you might want to model the columns as a Complex Profile.  Or perhaps use regular elements in combination with some Complex Profiles?   Do you also need it to function well with Interactive Schedules?  


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If you want the elements to remain as walls, slabs and columns, then you will want to look into Hotlink Modules.

Save the elements as a hotlink module and you can then place that module as many times as you like (in any job actually).

If you need to make a change you can edit the original module (in a separate Archicad which some don't like doing - but that is the way it is) and then update all placed instances and they will all become the same.

Or you can break the link of a place modules and you have individual elements you can edit just as normal without affecting the other placed modules.


But as mentioned before, your column can probably be made as a segmented column with complex profiles and modifiers (assuming you are on a new version of Archicad 23+ I think), which can be placed multiple times, and each instance can be edited separately.




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Eduardo Viana

Hello all!


Thanks for all the feedback.

I think I'll give it a try on the Library Part Maker. It's more intuitive for me to keep building parts embeded on that model. I have some buildings in my project as Hotlink Modules. That works but the workflow is more complex. All I wanted was sometthing like an autocad block or a sketchup component. Easy to update single replicable object.


An image of the column in question.


I want to keep editing the column after but not very often.





That column is very easy to create using a segmented column (version 23+).


Here is an article about segmented columns.

It is a rectangular style but each segment can be rectangular or round and you can even use complex profiles.


Check out more in the reference guide and the Archicad YouTube channel.

Also search here for other posts about segmented columns.

Here is one post that may be of interest - you will have to click on the attachments to see the images.

And I have even added a MOD file of a column in one of my replies.



One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
Dell Precision 3510 - i7 6820HQ @ 2.70GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD FirePro W5130M, Windows 10

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