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Windows and Doors Show Above Cut Plane

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I have windows and doors anchored to the main level, in walls that go up to a second level. The second level is 9'-9" AFF, and the cut plane for that view is 3' above the current story. The window and door headers are 1'-1" below this second level, but the windows and doors show as if they are being cut in the second level. When I change the windows to projected view, they disappear in the second level, but I we do not like the excessive lines in the main level plan. When I change the doors to projected, the frame disappears in the second level, but the leaf is still visible, and the door swing line disappears in the main level plan. What am I missing? These windows and doors do not exist at 12'-9" above the main level. The view should be cutting through a wall.

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So I fixed it by changing the floor plan cut plane settings. Show down to was changed to current story, which hid everything associated with the main level. I still do not understand why the cut plane does not override what is below though.

Barry Kelly
Try setting the walls as well as the doors and windows to 'Symbolic'.

I try to avoid using the FPCP when ever possible because you not only have to set a level (often one level does not suit everything) and you have to be careful about the extents to which you can see.


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