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Best way to show layout options

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I'm wondering if there is another way to show interior layout options other then the layers tool. I am reconfiguring a space that wil have a kitchen/bath/ laundry in it and want to show a couple options. I have familiarized myself with the renovation tool and like the way it works. It seems like I should be able to add a filter and show a completely different layout without having to go the trouble of creating special layers. Thanks for any help
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You can also use modules to achieve this.
Each of your Design Option would be in a different module. Naturally only those elements would go into each module file that are different in each Design Option.
You should then create a Layer for each Design Option in the project file and when you place for example Option1, make the Option1 layer the master layer of this Hotlinked Module. When you show/hide the its Master Layer, the whole Hotlinked Module is also shown/hidden.
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