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Door quantity text, schedules



On schedules, is there a way to change the text that says R (1) to DBL (1)?


Ricardo Lopez

Hi @architect 


You could create a new string type property for doors with a conditional expression where you could write whatever you wanted (ex: text1 and text2).

IF ( {Property:Window\/Door/Orientation} = "R", "text1", "text2 )

This property must be available for doors (and also windows if you want)





*NOTE: ";" or "," may differ in expression depending on operating system regional settings.

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Barry Kelly

The problem with 'Orientation' is it is either left or right (L or R).

Even when you place a double door, you place it in the same manner as a single door, so as far as Archicad is concerned for the orientation, it is still left or right.


You can schedule other parameters from the objects, maybe there is one that says 'double' or 'single'?

Or as Ricardo has suggested (but doesn't work in this case, as it is just changing L to Left and R to Right), is to create a property object that you can use.

I could be a property where you manually type what you want - you could just add a custom text field in the schedule for that, so I wouldn't necessarily do this in a property.

It could be a property with an expression to determine if it is double or single based on the door settings - but if this is coming directly from a parameter in the object, then just schedule that parameter.



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Rubia Torres

Hi @architect,

Thanks to Ricardo and Barry's contribution here, we went through the steps to answer your question in our Insights blog with the Tip of the Month. Worth a check here.


Rubia Torres

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