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Door schedule with related zones

Lukas Zeleny

Hi, I need help with door schedules with informations about related zones. We use zone code in zone stamp which is combination of zone ID and zone number. Zone ID is for storey number and shortcut of funcion. Zone number is serial number of the room on a specific floor with a specific function. For example 2. floor, technical space number 02 = 2.TECH.02. 

Problem is that we need now to assign zones to doors in door schedule. In fields that can be added are only zone numbers and zone names. Now a can lot of zones wit number 02 or 01 but dont know if it is 2.TECH.01 or 2.B.01.

Is there any way how to add more zone information in schedule? For example zone global ID or IFC ID to accurately identifi zones with doors? If I can somehow change door GDL code to show more zone info?


Scheduling Doors by Zone - Graphisoft Community

You can assign Doors to Zones, the above article describes how.

You can't assign Zones to Doors. You can extract the Door-Zone relation into a Door Schedule but you are limited to "Related Zone Name" and "Related Zone Number" Properties. I don't think you can extract a "Related Zone ID" into a Door Schedule using available options.

Maybe  somebody knows if this can be Python-ed?



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I am aware of that and I ended up in this dead end


How about using unique zone numbers? I don't think the zone number parameter is meant to be a suffix of the zone name. Zone number should be unique to each zone so you can identify the room just by the zone numbers and to be usable BIM data. We use 3 or4 digit numbers: start with the floor number and the last two digits for the room numbering.

Kei Mito

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The idea is to have options for sorting and easier mass rewriting of the parameters. When you have only number you can not say only by viewing it what is the function of the room, is it belong to communication core, which building object it is. Sorting in schedules and changing zone codes is much easier when you can brake them to smaller groups.

Meanwhile we have solved this problem by creating Archicad addon which writes our zone code to door parameters.


You can identify the room by listing both the related zone number (unique number) and zone name in the door schedule, but I guess it'd be useful if there is a zone code which combines and abbreviates the information. Glad that you've found a solution.

Kei Mito

Architect | Graphisoft Certified BIM Manager
ArchiCAD 26 & 27 JPN USA & INT | Windows 10

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