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Easier Management of Graphic Override Combinations

Gabriel Dantas
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Find and add a rule to a combination 

When creating Graphic Override Combinations, it can be time-consuming to find and add only one rule at a time to a combination. Now you can perform tasks faster — Graphic Override Combinations let you add multiple rules at a time. 


Enhance your productivity with Graphic Overrides  


Graphic Overrides in Archicad is a versatile functionality that allows the automatic visualization of non-visible data (also called metadata) by overriding the default appearance of model elements using lines, fills, and surfaces. 


Archicad 26 provides productivity enhancements through the ability to 

  • search for existing rules and 
  • select and add multiple existing rules to a combination at once 

in the redesigned popup list of rules, making the process quick and easy without scrolling.  






It's easy to set up Graphic Override Combinations thanks to this enhanced function. 


The existing "Add new rule" command has been separated and lets you create new rules on the fly. While the Graphic Override Combinations dialog is open, the newly created rules are highlighted in blue in the "Add existing rule" list to find them instantly. 




Managing Graphic Override Combinations has never been easier. You can simply multi-select, delete multiple, and export multiple combinations simultaneously. Each of them will be exported as a separate file. 





  • "Edit Rules..." button has been renamed to "Manage Rules..." to better reflect the editing and creation of rules 
  • An issue was fixed on Graphic Override Rules: 
    When multiple rules were selected, the criteria were editable, and any edits would reset the criteria for all selected rules. Now criteria are disabled when multiple rules are selected. This matches the behavior of other similar dialogs. 


Save time with Graphic Override Combinations 


Enjoy a faster and more intuitive workflow when managing Graphic Override Combinations, a favorite Archicad feature. 


Learn about all the new documentation features of Archicad 26:


To learn more about all the new features of Archicad 26, read this article.

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