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Help with toolbars


Hi there, I am a student using Archicad 24 with windows in need of some help. 

My first problem is that i have done something to my toolbox, i usually have it set up on the left as icons but I've managed to change it to a list form and cant get the icons back. I would like it back in icon form. (circled in red pen)

My second problem is that when i left click on say 'wall' my options are now missing along the top row to change the type of wall method, materials and surfaces etc. (highlighted) 

I hope this makes sense, any help is much appreciated as our teachers are on holidays and i'd like to still continue working. 


Karl Ottenstein

The 'options' you're looking for is in what is called the Info Box.  You can turn that on again from the Windows menu.  But, since you messed up your toobox ... you might want to just reset your Work Environment.



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Could be Toolbar Options ?




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Thank you Karl, that worked and I have my Info Box back!

Thank you Steve, I've played around with the toolbar icon options but no luck yet!

I you make de toolbox smaller just by dragging it on the edge.  The text will dissappear and -according to the witdh- the icons appear in one or two colums

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Patrick M

be sure to store and save any changes to your w/e, set as default; so you don't have to rebuild or recreate when opening... also, always rebuild your w/e from scratch for every build, with the exception of kbs (shortcuts); I import those in since there are rarely if ever new features that warrant ootb kbs in my experience

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