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How to convert a 3D drawing created in Archicad to a 2D drawing

elina n


I'm new to Archicad and am really in need to convert drawings which I created in Archicad 25 to 2D drawings. So it's a house which I drew with walls, doors, slabs and other 3D objects, but I would like to have this as only 2D lines because I need to export this to Photoshop to different layers where I can work on shadows, colours etc - just my way of working when creating a design proposal. I tried with just exporting a pdf of a 3D drawing from Archicad but it's a real pain to get the view settings as I want them.

From other BIM programs I've done this 3d to 2d conversion and it's absolutely priceless. Here I spent hours of reading the forum and trying and the recommended ctrl+c-ctrl-v does nothing, the marquee tool plus paste too, the convert to 3D document does the opposite (why is it even mentioned as an option?!). What am I missing? Is there such an option or not?

Eduardo Rolon

This does not make sense. 90% of what you will use PS to do the presentation can be done within AC.

Exporting/Publishing from AC is as great or better than other BIM programs which begs the question as to why you have spent so much time here when you can use all other BIM programs you are expert at ;-).


Can you post some examples of what you are trying to accomplish?


Ex using AC only no PS




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another Moderator


1. In 3d View change to 3d style Basic- Vectorial.
2. You can configure 3d style dedicate and use graphical Override to better results
3. Use Marquee tool- create a window and CTRL+V to copy 
4. I recommended creating a Worksheet  to paste your results.
5. Finally print or publish like PDF file.- Make sure you configure the printing correctly
6. Open PDF in Photoshop. Enjoy
Any vector view saved, printed or published in PDF can be opened in Photoshop
The step of using a Woksheet is optional, but it allows you to touch up the lines, add data and also use the vectors to export them cleanly to other vector formats such as DWG, DXF or Windows Metafile





Hi Eduardo, thank you. Unfortunately the example you're giving is far from what I'm trying to achieve. Converting from 3d to 2d comes from Allplan Nemetschek which is actually the owner of graphisoft archicad since the last few years. The reason why I chose Archicad is because I'm using Mac and there isn't Nemetschek for Mac.

Back to the question, see a few examples. I'd like Archicad to act as a 2D programme as well, so that I have much better control on the result in terms of - see lots of unwanted lines here and there. I need to break things down to very simple layers which I can modify and work with on Photoshop after. First image is the result, the others are layers of

walls only and furniture only. If I want the walls to cast shadows I need to have walls only. But these look terrible with tons of unwanted lines etc. Perhaps my understanding is wrong, i just wish I could simply convert to 2d plans and do my stuff.


Thanks man! That's almost what I need. I tested and it works when I'm watching the model as a 3D. Now does that work in plan too? See my question above with some examples to illustrate. floor plan confiigure 3d view window like axonnometry in plan view ....same procedure. Copy and paste


Eduardo Rolon

I get it and the main issue I see is that you are still learning AC but what you want to do is really simple since AC projects 2D automatically.

You don't need to export from the 3D window you need to make sure that the floor plan looks correct by turning layers off and then you can publish a PDF with Layers.

If you know how to use All-Plan it is basically the same concept you place 3D Objects in floor plan which you can see in 3D but to export you need to make sure the floor looks correct. AC cannot read your mind and produce it.


From the same project 2 quick floor plans.


2D Floor Plan

I can override the cut fill for the walls and turn off the grid lines etc



3D Document with shadows

I would overlay the previous one over this one to get the shadows.




Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC27 US/INT -> AC08

Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram, OS X 10.XX latest
another Moderator

elina n


Thank you very much to both of you. I think I figured what I'm looking for - a combination of what you both said. I just need that flexibility of converting to 2D when I need to. Otherwise of course ideally I'd use the benefits of having a 3D programme. 

Thank you!

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