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Label tool misbehavior

Paul C

Hello. Can someone help me with my label tool misbehavior. This specific label that I custom-made adjusts everytime I reopen my file. My current workaround is to select them all and go to settings then 'ok'. It's just very annoying every now and then that I have to do it. Did I do something wrong during the creation of labels or is this a normal "bug" in the AC itself? It also appears in the layout btw. 


Operating system used: Mac Intel-based Monterey

Barry Kelly

I don't know if this will work.

I assume you typed 3 lines of text with boxes around them and then saved this as a custom object > label.

That is all good.


I notice in your video that the text box (frame) for the label is on.





Oddly, you can not control this for the custom saved labels.


But, switch to an autotext label and turn this text frame off.

This will now be the default for the tool.

Switch back to your custom label and now place a new one.

It will still be greyed out, but the text frame should show as off.


There should be no outer box.

Save and re-open the file.

Is it still the same or is that box back?


As I said, I have no idea if that is the issue - just a hunch.



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