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Layout consistency for plans (or larger drawings, not detail sheets) ?


I find myself wanting to replicate the same guides on each layout such that I can locate drawings (plans, elevations, sections ) in a consistent way. I've been using guides to create a 1/4" margin from the sheet perimeter, but I am unable to find a way to create a layout that duplicates the guides from another layout. [I am not referring to detail grids. Just larger drawings like building plans or building sections where there might be a max of 4 drawings on a sheet. I don't want to position a single plan on a sheet & have it numbered "2" because it's located in a particular spot on the detail grid.]

Also, my drawing titles takes up 3/4" vertically and for some reason we don't have snaps at the bottom of the titles so a reference to mark the drawing window perimeter is needed or a snap on the layout to position these consistently away from the drawing edge or other drawings. 


Can guides be part of a master?

What is the more "Archicad" way to set up a layout?

Or, is there a layout tool I'm not taking advantage of?

How do people locate nice clean "gutters" on their sheets between drawings?

Thanks for your assistance!

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Place Hotspots on your Master Layout?

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Erwin Edel

Regarding drawing titles, instead of this we place text in our views (floorplans, sections, elevevations) with autotext that references the 'drawing name'. This corresponds with the name field of your view and we find it a lot easier to just position the text in relation to the view it belongs to.


For 'layout-ing' I find it easy to place one view (for example ground floor), position it and then drag a copy of that to a good spot and relink it to the first floor and so on.


On a similar note, if I want a booklet with things on the same place on each page, I just copy the layouts and relink the placed views.


A neat and tidy layout is the cherry on the cake of your finished work in my opinion, so I too try to make things look nice!

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Master layout.png

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@Lingwisyer the premise of hotspots on the master is that I locate them at all the likely intersections of where I have guides now?


@Erwin Edel interesting, I never thought about disengaging the titles themselves...that certainly makes the drawings more intuitive as frames for the layout.


@BrunoH i like the idea snapping to a grid, but not the auto-numbering part. Also, I still want gutters (spaces between each of the drawings). Is there a way to set a 1/4" (10mm) gap between grid positions? So, drawing frames do not touch?

[And i like trying to decipher the international backgrounds with my [american] high school french 🙂 ]


thanks for your replies!

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Master layout 2.png

ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
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Boom! I think that's it!

I'm going to see how that works. Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction!


well, maybe not...i cannot see what that spacing setting actually does when inserting drawings

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OK, I've now been playing with this a bit -- thank you for the various perspectives to investigate!


Best I can figure, hotspots are the answer. I can use guides on the master to set the corners of my expected gutters (gaps between drawings) for both a plan/elevation/section sheet and a detail sheet. They are inconspicuous and yet persistent between layouts, whether creating new ones or duplicating others. And, I can populate my current drawing sets by just updating the master.


Thanks, all. I continue to learn every day!

mac ACv27/4001, US full, Sonoma 14.1.2, 2020 iMac/2023 MacBook Pro

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