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Printing to PDF color missing in elevation




When I print my publisher set to PDF the exterior elevations are missing the color.  


The elevation in the set has color.


Elevation in drawing.jpg


The elevation when placed on the sheet is in color.


Elevation on sheet set.jpg


The elevation when "printed" to to PDF, half of the colors are missing.


Elevation printed to PDF.jpg


Any suggestions would be super helpful.





Barry Kelly

It appears to be just the vertical siding that is not showing properly.

Is it because that surface does not have an actual texture image associated to it?

i.e. it is just a colour?


I have not tested and don't have Archicad running at the moment.


It seems that you have the elevations set to show the textures.

If you change the elevation settings to show colours rather than textures, how does it print then?



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There is an actual texture image associated with it.  


I need the elevations to show the textures for architectural approval through the municipality.

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