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Problems printing/plotting to KIP 300m

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We're having an issue printing to our KIP 300 m (it's a large format printer/scanner/copier). Some layouts will think that they are printing on 24" wide paper instead of the 36" roll we have loaded. It happens completely randomly, and you might print a layout one day and it's fine, the next it prints sideways.

This seems like a printer driver issue to me, but thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone has had issues with KIP before. We're also having some specific issues with the printer not waking up from sleep mode occasionally, so we know there is at least one issue with the machine that is not related to ArchiCAD.

The tech guy where we got the printer from is a PC person, and is more familier with trouble shooting AutoCad issues, so we're having trouble pinpointing the source of the problem.

My computer specs are in my signature (except we are now using OSX 10.7.5, I need to change my info).

Any ideas? Directions to point me in? Conspiracy theories??? I'm open to any ideas here...
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