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Trace reference issue in publisher set


Hi all, 


I'm having an issue with publishing a first floor plan with my trace reference for the ground floor sitting underneath. 

My publisher set consists of :

-Existing first floor plan (with existing ground floor trace reference)

-Demolished first floor plan (with existing ground floor trace reference)

-Proposed first floor plan (with proposed ground floor as trace reference. 


The desired plans look perfect when looking at them in archicad, but as soon as I publish to pdf, it's as if the trace references have merged/combined to show all elements (existing and proposed).

I'll upload some screen grabs of the existing first floor. Both as it appears on screen, and how it appears in the published pdf.


Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. 

Result in PDF published plan.jpgOn-screen in archicad.jpg
Tim Ball

Trace references will not publish

But you can overlay one view onto another. Top drawing needs transparent background

Tim Ball

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Dave Brach

Trace references will publish if you put them in the layout, but not if they are in the view.  IN the publisher set you will need to go do document options and check "print reference"

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 9.14.32 AM.png

Dave Brach/architect
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