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Window Thru Multiple Profiles


Howdy! I can't seem to find anything which addresses these issues...

I have an existing wall - to remain (grey complex wall profile). I am adding a 'new' wall (exterior insulation, rain screen, and siding) as a separate complex wall profile (colored). I want to add a window thru the entire assembly (two complex profiles).

  1. Create window in the new wall profile) &  'create an opening' using the tool in Archicad (awesome) thru the existing wall, but it leaves a void space where the casing is (in the new wall profile). I can resize the opening which I created using the window, but it seems like there may be an easier way?
  2. I can't seem to figure out how to get the casing to move to the inside of the existing wall. I can extend the jamb, but the casing stays associated with the wall which the window is located in. I can obviously eliminate the casing completely and recreate using other methods, but it feels like I am missing something.

Here is an image which hopefully shows a bit of what I am trying to do.


I'm not set on anything, just want to try to use 'best practices' - keeping the existing wall as existing in the model and adding to it... I can always create an entirely new complex wall profile, but I want to graphically separate what is new (color) from existing (grey).

Thanks a million!


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Barry Kelly

The extra opening you create needs only to be as big as the original window not including the casing.


The original window can only belong to one wall, so the internal casing will only go (automatically) to the inside of that original wall, not the inside of the additional wall.

The only way is to try and trick the window in the settings to make it think the frame is deeper than the existing wall - I don't know if that is possible as I don't use the default doors and window objects.


You may need to set the original wall and window as 'Existing' and then create an entirely 'New' wall that has the same windows and extra wall skins.

Then no need for extra openings and the casing should behave as you want.



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Thanks Barry!

Yes, it seems like the best bet is making a entirely 'new' wall - even with the making the frame deeper, the casing still stays at the inside of the wall and I can't seem to trick it to do otherwise...

Appreciate the help and work-arounds as always!


AC 26 USA (latest build) - Windows 11 - Intel i7 - 64 GB Ram - NVIDIA RTX A4000
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