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Graphisoft public roadmap - Follow-up conversation

Dear Community, We're excited to have published our roadmap! We'd love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please feel free to use this thread for discussion. Graphisoft Insights announcement:

ArchiCAD School 2012/2013 in the USA?

There's been a lot of talk on LinkedIn about trying to do an ArchiCAD School similar to the Spring / Summer / Winter Schools that are done in Europe. What level of interest is there for doing one in the States and/or Canada sometime in 2012 or 2013? ...

ARCHICAD Summer School 2011 Liverpool

Dear ArchiCAD Talk group members, We are in the booking period for Archicad Summer School 2011, 8th to 10th september at Liverpool this year for the first time. Please note that we also have a pair of one-day courses preceding the Summer School, on t...

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Spring Academy Report

Its taken a while but please find attached the report regarding the Spring Academy in Pula 13 and 14th May 2011

ArchiCAD 15 Webinar - June 7, 2011

There will be a webinar about ArchiCAD 15 on the 7th of June, 2011. Here is a short YouTube trailer about the event: The Facebook page of the event: The ...

ArchiCAD Spring Academy 2011

Any report from ArchiCAD Spring Academy 2011? I see in agenda ArchiForma 3.0 preview ..... Any news? Francesco

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ArchiPLUS webinar: Documentation Best Practices

This month's webinar will be about the documentation process in ArchiCAD. We will explore the ArchiCAD Navigator and discuss steps in detail from placing a marker to publishing a document. Sign up here: A...

Seminar: BIM and the new architect-client relationship.

This post is to gauge the amount of interest people would have in a seminar on how BIM positively affects the architect-client relationship. The seminar would cover efficient ways to work with clients in BIM 1. How BIM changes the structure of client...

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Green BIM Webinar by Graphisoft on March 1st 2011

Graphisoft will hold a webinar with the title “Green” BIM – Low Energy Building Design for New Projects and Retrofits with GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner It will be held on March 1st. More info: Also also check out this te...