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AC files listed with wrong "Kind" in Mac Finder

Geoff Briggs

I noticed something weird today while sorting through old Archicad files. I want to sort by PLN vs BPN vs PLA but they are all showing as simply "data" in the finder's Kind field. Other file types like PDFs and JPGs are listed correctly, as are some AC related files like MODs.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 10.40.01 AM.png

I'm not sure precisely when this happened or what triggered it but I know it is fairly recent and I suspect related to an update to Archicad, macOS (or both), or to my changing the default program assigned to open PLNs from AC25 to AC27. Since the problem only affects Archicad files I will be contacting GS tech support unless someone here has seen this and knows of a fix? Thanks.

Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
AC7-27, M1 Mac, OS 14.x

Hi Geoff,

You can use Smart Folders...



Probably a bit more reliable for what you are doing.


Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

Hi DG,

I am using smart folders and it is a decent workaround. But clearly something is messed up. Internet searching reveals that Kind is set by a plist file inside each application's container, but I am reluctant to fiddle with that especially knowing it will be overwritten by the next update. It also leads me to conclude the problem is caused by Archicad or Graphisoft's installers. I have sent the info to tech support and will report back once they respond.

Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
AC7-27, M1 Mac, OS 14.x

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