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Large number of open tabs causes glitchy behavior

Running AC26 INT 4019 on Windows 10.

Having a large number tabs open in a project causes the cursor to show the processing symbol in menus and flicker between the normal cursor and processing symbol in dialogs/dropdowns. In addition to this - it is not possible to consistently add criteria to F&S/GO or criteria and field to schedules by double clicking in the list.


It seem to happen around 28 tabs and it seem to be the number of tabs rather than type or content. E.g 28 tabs with empty 160x120 render output images (static and less than 2kb each) causes it. It is admittedly a lot of tabs but not that hard to hit, especially if you do internal rendering while working and thus get a lot of 3D model pictures. Guess it is an additional reason for a render output manager.


How do you work with that many tabs? Why ? If you can't see them why tab them? I never have ever had more tabs than I can see. Unless there is a logic to the number this seems like file miss management.

Had same issue with AC25. This happens to me when I'am going through many detail views and when I open 20-30 detail this strange screen flickering starts, program stops working and similar. I think there should be at least limitation in this case how many views user can open.

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You can set it in your Work Environment so you can only open one view (tab) of each type of view (elevation section, detail, layout).


But is is either just one or many, you can't specify a specific maximum number.



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No - having more tabs than fits on the bar is simply not a question of missmanagement. The reference documentation even states that any number of tabs can be open at a time. It would be understandable that a large number of tabs would slow down the application but that is not the issue here. The issue is that something seem to happen around a set number of tabs - are we to read the documentation as: you can have any number of tabs open at a time as long as it is less than 28?


As to why and how one ends up with 28 tabs. Well, the benefit from having views tabbed is that you can cycle through them quickly. When modelling I basically always have plan, 3d, side views and relevant sections tabbed and in addition to this you would have to add one for each other view type as it is inefficient to close down every opened window. So a baseline of 20 tabs can't really be seen as excessive. Add to this the fact that model images (render output) always open in a new tab and 28+ is not a stretch.

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