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Migrating AC11->AC12 Results In Crashes

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We have a project that we migrated from AC11 to AC12. It worked fine for a while, but now, if you make a few changes then jump to another window (like a section or detail) it locks up. You have to kill the AC12 process and open it up again. This has happened seven times this morning alone. This happened two weeks ago on a different project that was migrated from AC11 to AC12. Has anybody else seen this kind of behavior? Is it fixable?
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I haven't seen it so can only suggest the usual fixes.

1. Clean Merge: Create new blank file. Merge old file.

This will lose all 2D data in any views besides plans so it may be a radical solution if the sections, details, etc are heavily developed (lots of copy/pasting of annotations to complete the process).

2. Dirty Merge: Turn on all layers. Delete everything in plan & 3D views. Merge the old file back in.

This will preserve the annotations in the various non-plan views.
How did you migrate?

How many old library parts are there?

Are you using the 11 migration library provided with 12?

Did you update your old standard library parts that are created a few versions ago to the 12 format?

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Try This

1. Open the Original file in AC11 and save as PLA saving only with used objects.
2. Open the PLA (in AC11) and extract the Library to a folder
3. Open the PLA file in AC12 and link to the previously extracted library only.
4. If it works then add the AC12 and AC11 migration library and start removing the duplicates from the extracted library.
Watch out for Zone Labels moving.
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