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Selecting mesh/fills/slabs

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Does anybody else have issue's in AC16 when 2 slabs or meshes or fills touch each other you select 1 then try to click on the outer edge to add a node or stretch etc. but you cannot select the one you want, but if you select the one next to it, it works straight away?

I've tried pressing tab etc. to see if i can select the other mesh but this does not seem to work.
Eduardo Rolon
Known bug that was supposed to be fixed in the HotFix03 that was removed because it caused other problems.
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David Maudlin
Discussed here:
Accuracy election slab element in AC16

David Maudlin / Architect
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Thank you for letting me know it was not just me!

Ill keep my eye open for the next hotfix.
I have the same problem. My temporary work around is to use the Edit:Display Order function to push one of the slabs / fills backward and try again. Works.

Hint: show the Display Order pallet on the toolbar. Its always in reach.
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