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Training Guide Installer Problem

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I am downloading all of the training guides from the site including the most recent 12 training guide and am encountering a problem. Yesterday they were downloading, and more importantly, installing fine. But now I am having a problem after the download when I go to install the training guide. The installer appears in my dock but doesn't fully launch. The craziest part is that when I restart my machine the installer window flashes on the screen right before the restart.

I have tried new downloads of the training guide and it still happens. I have tried the downloads and installs I did yesterday, but they now don't work. I have restarted and run Applejack, but still doesn't work.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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I'm on a PC, so not sure if it is same issue I had.
But I did have download flash on screen when trying to launch downloaded gdl for 12 training files from G.S.
Of course download said it was downloaded ok.
But, just to download the gdl guide 778mb, I had two failed "normal speed" downloads and two "fast" torrent downloads fail, before the third torrent download came across correctly.
Wow, that was fun.
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Thanks for the response. The initial download is fine fine, the problem is the installer not carrying through. I have tried both the normal speed and the fast with both failing at installation. It was working fine earlier yesterday, but not now.

Any other ideas on what the problem may be would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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