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Windows 10 April Update and DirectX/OpenGL issues

Paul King
Wondering if I am the only one who has noticed graphical glitching in AC21 after installing the latest Windows 10 'April' update?

For me, in 3D openGL perspective view, when the file contains (or has ever contained) an object at a distant coordinate, I get severe jittering when navigating in the 3D window. This is in files that do not exhibit the same behavior when opened on machines that have not yet been updated. The behaviour is reminiscent of the rounding error symptoms described in this post

Sadly, even after eliminating all objects in the file, saving and rebooting, then placing a single wall or other object right at the project origin, the behaviour continues. It appears like the 'centre of mass' coordinates for the project are not getting updated by ArchiCAD, or this information is not being communicated to the graphics driver under the latest windows update. Basically files seem to become irreversibly 'tainted' by the memory of a distant coordinate - which could be a serious problem in any active project should anyone accidentally place something far away - eg by importing a surveyors dwg file.

Axonometric views, and CPU calculated perspective modes are not affected by the jitter - only OpenGL perspective views. (unfortunately, my most used 3D view).

I have eliminated graphic drivers as the cause, by testing the default windows certified Nvidia driver, the latest updated driver direct from Nvidia, and the driver version that works without issues on other PC that has not received the 'April' update.

Also, in pallets and object dialogs, there is no longer a flashing cursor visible when a text field is active - there is no feedback at all indicating that the field is active (or which field is active) until you type something.

Only ArchiCAD seems to be impacted adversely by the April update - so far no other apps I use seem to have any problems.

Have others experienced this?

Has anyone resolved the issue?

Unfortunately, it appears there is no way to roll back this update more than 10 days after it was installed - (without knowing in advance that you may want to - in which case there is apparently a CLI hack that can extend the roll back period) After this period has expired, the only recourse is apparently to reinstall windows, losing all apps and settings, and to block windows updates thereafter.

System afflicted has specs as per signature below
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Paul King
To answer my own issue, I now think I know the cause of the OpenGL view jittering issue, and have a workaround

I believe after testing that the distant origin issue does not require that any objects are (or have been) far from the project origin. What is required is the CAMERA in use has been defined far from the project origin.

I suspect that there is a default camera position which is defined when the project is first generated (even though there is no explicit camera object), and that this does not move even when the viewpoint you see while navigating in 3D openGL window moves.

By explicitly moving the camera position close to the object being viewed (rather than just flying or zooming/panning your viewpoint there), the problem goes away. (this can be done in 3D projection settings)

The issue in my case arose I think when I imported survey data to create my site terrain, and the surveyors data appeared far from the project origin (and the default camera position).
Moving the project origin close to the imported objects, and clicking 'fit all' in 3D window (or otherwise flying the openGL viewpoint to the distant objects) meant the 3D view point calculated in openGL *seemed* normal, but was getting rounding errors due to large offset distance from initial/default camera location still in use.

The missing cursor issue in object dialogs and pallets remains for me at least, but at least one mystery solved.
ArchiCAD 8-27 | Twinmotion 2023
Windoze 11 PC | Intel Core i9 10900K | Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080 | 32 Gb DDR3 | 2x4K monitor extended desktop
I have the same condition now. Not sure where it is coming from. I installed 22 RC and updated my Dongle, updated Windows, installed iCloud for Windows... all about the same time. Checking for Updates with ArchiCAD said my dongle was out of date. Never seen that before. Perhaps I should not have updated it.

Unitalled 22 RC but still loads 22 B4 very slowly and it is way too slow now. Blue circle spinning toooo much.
Lots of stuff to do in order to hunt down my problem.

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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I received the info from GRAPHISOFT that after a Windows update it is a good idea to update graphics drivers as well. See if that helps with the issue.
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