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INFO BOX Problems!

I finally couldn't stand the lag in working with ArchiCAD, and started to test out what made it so slow. Most of the issue is the slow response in selecting, de-selecting (ESC key), which forces me to pause and wait for the selection / de-selection t...

Bizarre Dimension Glitch

I opened a file today and found very screwed up dimension strings that I had placed months ago. Some strings have morphed into include additional dimensions to the user origin, and on a different axis, which on some stories is simply out in space! Ha...

Crazy shadows in OpenGL window

This has been a recurrent problem since shadows have become a staple in the OpenGL window, and no one has ever explained to me why this is an issue. Whenever I open the 3D window it's a bit of rolling the dice. If I open it with a marquee or not, the...

House_badshadows 20171206.jpg
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Issue with the Dimensioning

Hey, I have a very annoying problem. My dimensioning is crazy, but only the dimensions from door axis. I tried to find the issue, first it happens all the time when i published dwg files through the publisher.... Now i have the problem that some laye...

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Loading conundrum

For some reason in the last 1 week some of my AC21 updated pln files (these are legacy projects brought forward in many iterations of ARCHICAD) won't load. AC21 crashes after loading a library that I have warnings about being corrupted but have alway...

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Best monitor for Macbook Pro

Hi guys, I've been struggling to find a 27 inch external monitor that deals with the "blurry text" issues with my Macbook Pro Retina and I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone has any recommendations. My budget is ~$500. Thanks!

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Add on - Wall accessories

Hi, I am new to ArchiCAD and have been using an educational license to learn on my own. I just installed the goodies package in order to use wall accessories. However, I cannot get the "customs settings" to work. It is disabled and grayed out. I want...

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AC 21 with 4K external monitor on MBP - Issues

I replaced my old 30" Dell monitor with a new U2718Q (27" 4K HDR) and began experiencing periodic crashes in AC. On day two I could not open a moderately sized pin without crashing. Working with Graphisoft tech support I eventually got the file opene...