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AC25 Cabinet Objects

I'm reworking our template favorites for cabinets to incorporate new features of AC25. Perhaps I haven't found it but can you:
1) show dashed lines indicated door swings and shelving behind the doors in 2d elevations
2) at a two segment base cabinet, when I set the lower segment to a double hung door with drawers above I can't figure how to show two drawers side by side above the door panels. It only appears we can have one large drawer.
ArchiCAD v26 (since v11)
MacBook Pro M1 Max, 64GB
MacOS Ventura


Dashed lines for shelves behind cabinet door? I am testing AC26 now, but it seems like this function is still missing. This is basically the only reason we are still stuck with pricey 3rd party solutions.
I can set the door to be glass and transparent, then the shelves will show as solid lines, not dashed. (extra issue: I am seeing the side walls also, which I'd like to not see) Probably add some graphic override magic, but last I checked, GO applies rules to the full object not to certain parts of it, so I guess I will have a result with all the lines dashed, even the ones I want to be solid.
It's sad, because they have put a lot of work in this new cabinet tool, but this simple function keeps me from using it.

macOS Ventura, ArchiCAD 26 - USA version

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