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Changing surface of Building Materials from master settings

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Hi, Is there a way to change the surface material from Building Materials window. The option there cannot be used to select materials for individual sides. For example when I place an empty hole in a wall it shows a yellow stucco on the wall thickness in 3D. I don't want to spent extra time in unlocking all the walls individually and resetting their materials. Is there a way the master settings in the Building Material dialog box can be more useful. thanks
Barry Kelly
When you are placing an empty hole in a wall you are placing a window or door object to make that hole.
It is in the settings of that object that you need to look for the materials.
You may or may not have a parameter to set the side of opening materials - it all depends on how the object was scripted.

If the material can not be controlled by the object then usually it is set by overriding the side surface (material) of the wall.

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