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Custom-Shaped Window and Library Part Maker




How to make a wall hole follow the outline of a custom-shaped window using the Library Part Maker (LPM) add-on?  I cannot find such an explanation in the Library Part Maker 25 User Guide:

Dalius Regelskis
AC user since version 6.0


When I make my own window I ad a slab with the ID 'wallhole' to the window to make a wall hole in the same shape as the window.

Once made a video of it.

Architectural construction designer, draftsman, modeller
ArchiCAD 25.

Thanks for your reply, but my question was how to do it using the
Library Part Maker add-on.


A window object created using slabs in the way you described is not suitable for two reasons. First, it does not react to the side materials of the wall, so the opening on both sides of the window frame receives the material of the wall edge. Second, when such a window is at zero floor level, the Zone does not respond to it when calculating the area of ​​the room.


In the meantime, a window object created using the Library Part Maker add-on shows everything correctly. However, the LPM User Guide does not explain how to make a custom-shaped wall hole instead of an automatically made rectangle.


Guys, does anyone use LPM to create objects?

Could the developers of this add-on answer my question?

Dalius Regelskis
AC user since version 6.0


Write it on GDL. It's not so scary as it looks like at first. LPM is general is very weak Add-On.

Definitely go with GDL over time it will be well worth the outcome

easier said than done. the learning curve of jumping into GDL is not that simple to other users LPM simplifies it but yes GDL is more powerful vs LPM. 😆

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

Learning gdl will unlock a massively greater understanding of the program though. It's not hard it's just time as gdl is ultimately just trigonometry.


Hi Dalius,


Unfortunately, the thing you are trying to achieve is not possible with Library Part Maker (LPM). LPM can create openings with rectangular wall holes only (which is mentioned in the manual). This is a technology limitation we are aware of. Unfortunately, we have not managed to rectify this issue as yet.


It's a bit of a surprise that LPM can't create a window on any shape. It would be great to be able to use the plugin's ability to parameterise an object in such cases as well.
Are there any plans to expand the capabilities with this functionality?

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the problem is not really about creating the custom wall hole shape itself. The problem is related to supporting structures of openings, especially the reveal functionality... e.g. current reveals will not work with round/oval/elliptic shapes as well as triangular wall hole shapes (2D and 3D representation would be different). This is obviously doable in terms of development but it is not a trivial task and it would require a significant commitment of resources and time that would have to be taken from other projects we have already scheduled for development. I hope it makes a sense.


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