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Door and window


Please in the label tool the door and window label tool is not amongst the list. I don't know what the problem is 



I don't know what to look for because there are no pictures.
The one I use is used as a stamp in the door setting.





AC27 on window 11

Here's the pic of what am talking about .

Those places labelled D2


I can't see your picture because it's too small.
And is your drawing correct in archicad?

And since it says D2, it seems to specify it as an Element ID.
And that's usually expressed in marks.
Select the door and press Ctrl+T to enter the settings and you will see which marker you used.
You might want to look at it and study it.






AC27 on window 11

The label you are referring to is part of the dimension marker that is part of the door and window tools. There are variations available within the door and window tools. These are not available as label types under the label tool but there are other variations available there. The Dimension Marker that is part of the window and door tools has been a feature for many years that pre-dates the newer more advanced label tool. 

Lee Hankins
ArchiCAD 4.5 - Archicad 27UKI Apple Silicon 27.1.1
macOS Sonoma (14.2)

Thanks Lee Hankins. Please can you use a pic to explain?

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