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Error in my window library?

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Hey there-
I'm new to ArchiCAD (I'm using ArchiCAD 10) and I'm building a very small project to get my feet wet with the program.
When shifting between 3D views and plans or elevations, I'll get a warning message that says:
"Fill not found at line 523 in 3D script of file Casement_a.gsm"
This error pops up multiple times in a row.
Could someone give me some direction with how to deal with this error and possibly fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Karl Ottenstein
A commonly asked question. This generally only happens if fills have been deleted, via the fills dialog or attribute manager.

Read various old threads to see how to track it down:

In particular:


You may have to use the marquee to find which particular window is the problem, and then open its settings to see where a fill is listed as missing.

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Thanks Karl!
I think I've figured it out, but don't really understand how it happened in the first place.... at least now I can work around it.

Thanks again

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
If you do a New and Reset All (CTRL+ALT+N) or start your project using an ArchiCAD Template File then no fills or any attributes should be missing.
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And, as quick solution, you can also do a New & Reset All, then MERGE your problematic file.

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