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Freeform Windows Issues

I need my window to have a certain shape. To achieve this I used the object called FreeFrom Window.
However, placed, I have two issues I need assistance with:

The dimensions are empty, and I can not see the window in plan view... Any suggestions? Or any other window I can use to make this shaped window?


Windows 10, Archicad 27
Erwin Edel
I remember using this window object many years ago. Sadly it doesn't have a proper symbolic floorplan representation, if I recall correctly. You can try setting the floor plan display of the window to projected instead of symbolic.

To make this shape yourself, you can create your own window by drawing it with walls and slabs. There should be some tutorials for this floating around, probably in the helpcenter too.

Finally there are some third party addons that will let you make these shapes (probably).
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Barry Kelly
And the reason it does not have a size is because it will not be using the standard width and height parameters.

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