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Global settings for MVO

Frank Beister
AC 13 allows to create individual settings dialogs in the MVOs. These settings can be requested by all objects, which "know" the name of the dialog macro and of the parameter name. This is very helpful to do general changes.

But there is no limit how much settings dialogs are loaded in your library. And all will be part of the MVOs regardless, if objects use it or not. Worst case every object comes with its own settings dialog and it will become pain to dig through all sections of the MVOs.

So I have written an MVO settings object, which I offer for free and which can be used and shipped with own objects. You can download a beta/actual version here: OpenLibraryGlobals.

It is not open source to keep it in one (!) development-fork. It will be downloadable only from my page. I will regard wishes for new settings parameters. Updates of the OpenLibraryGlobals-object will not collide with objects, which use an older version.

The idea is to use one settings dialog for objects of different developers. If developers use this object for their own objects, I will add a www-link in the info dialog of the settings dialog. The unmodified OpenLibraryGlobals-object itself can be shipped with your own objects.

I will later provide code snippets you can implement in own objects to request the global settings. You have not to care to program an additional MVO-object for your own projects. Just add the OpenLibraryGlobals to your library and the requesting lines into your GDL-code.

Prior you are asking for setting parameters I should add: All setting parameters are useless, if objects do not request it.


Now my question:
I do need some help in translation and for two value lists for two parameters. I implemented one parameters to set the "planing context" and the "type of MVO".

This information can be used for objects to show different information or for automatic text in labels, zone stamps, layout or markers. (e.g. a shelf inside a closed cabinet has only to be created in a section context)

This list is depending of usage and loacalisation. There is a big difference between Germany an Austria yet. So I need help for UK / USA / AUS / NZ.

We can discuss it here or you send me an eMail.

My raw translated list shows you my intention.


"not assigned"
" abandonment"
"Plan of execution"
"Basic design"
"Facility Management"
"Project development"
"Preliminary design"

Plan type:

"not assigned"
"Floor plan (materials)"
"Ceiling plan"
"Facade section"
"Plan of Design"
"Floor plan"
"Interior view"
"Plan of site"
"Inspection plan"
"Plan for contract"

Thanks for help.
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Hi Frank,

Brilliant idea!
I'll add this great object to our ArchiCAD Warehouse developer kit.
So our partners will share the same MVO standards.
Everybody rowing in the same direction!


Rod Jurich
Hello Frank, Firefox gives a very good translation to your excellent resource, many thanks.
Rod Jurich
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Barry Kelly
Having objects request the values of parameters from the MVO is a great new feature.
The only problem is the values are saved with each MVO scheme.
For example you may have a "Construction" scheme, "Presentation" or "Demolition" scheme to manipulate the model to appear as you want it.

The values for objects will need to be set for each of these schemes which could be quite tedious.

What we need is the same sort of thing but where the parameters are not saved in the MVO schemes but as a general setting for the file.
As discussed here some time ago -

Basically a system like this not linked to the MVO schemes will give us unlimited GLOB_USER variables and eliminate the need for using external text files to store values.

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Frank Beister
Hello Barry,

you are right ... in some way. Global settings, which apply for the whole project are necessary, yes. We have this in the Project-Info, BUT not readable for GDL. If GS will change this and will increase number of parameters and will allow an GDL-object "behind" the parameters all will be good. It is necessary to ask for it.

But to customize MVOs is a great force to "program" your project. You can do changes for individual views on your project. I have waited for this a long time.

BTW Again my question: Can anyone help me by giving me a list of project phases, project context and plan context. Fitting for US/GB/AUS/NZ

This list could be very helpful to use in custom zone stamps, furnitures ...
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Pertti Paasky
Does somebody know if it is possible to use an array as a libraryglobal?
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George M. Moore, Jr.
Thank you for accumulating settings from different developers, it's a good approach!

I want to provide Russian (RUS) translation of your list. It will be better translated if you provide some explanation what each word or sentence exactly means, coz there are many 'universal' words in the list. If you explain, I could find correct analogy in Russian terms.

Context (Контекст):

"не задано"
" заброшенный" * please, clarify
"План исполнения" (Plan of execution) * please, clarify
"...Ausschreibung/Vergabe" * please, clarify
"...Detailplanung" * please, clarify
"...Bauantrag" * please, clarify
"...Bauvoranfrage" * please, clarify
"Basic design" * please, clarify
"Управление основными фондами"
"Финансирование" OR "Смета" * please, clarify
"...Nutzungsantrag" * please, clarify
"Project development" * please, clarify
"...Vermarktung" * please, clarify
"Предварительный проект"

Тип плана (Plan type):

"не задан"
"План полов (материалы)"
"План потолков"
"Сечение по фасаду"
"Plan of Design"
"План этажа"
"Внутренний вид"
"Ситуационный план" OR "Генеральный план" (masterplan)
"Inspection plan"
"Plan for contract"
Frank Beister
Thanks for your effort GAG, but I can't add Cyrillic chars to the script.
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No unicode in GSM objects?
Frank Beister
Not in scripts and in the UI. Maybe with XML Converter, but this would be no good development platform..
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