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Holes on complex profile (metalwork)


Good morning,

I have tried making holes on complex profile (simple bolt holes on a steel plate) and it does not seem possible to decide the axis with respect to which the hole will be placed: as if the beams can be drilled only perpendicular to their body and Z axis. Am I a beginner or is this a boundary of archicad? (Acad18 workspace)
Thanks to those who can answer me.


Use beams when doing your complex profile it will allow you to create holes in that element. Hope it helps you.

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

Yes, it works only on beams and walls and (exactly my question) only on one spacial axe. I suppose this is rather a tool to plan technical passages through beams rather than bolt holes...


Thank you for the answer!

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