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Improve performance on multiplied object



A coworker has drawn a vertical element made with the wall tool, and this vertical element is repeated throughout the whole perimeter of the builing (large scale building), the issue now (obvously) is that amount of single elements are making impossible to navigate the file.


I would like to hear your opinions/tips on how to tackle this on a efficient manner. To me at least, the idea of using a wall for this kind of elements is simply the wrong approach, but what could be the right way on how to do it?


even a gdl would be more efficient or a curtain wall tool? 🤔


This is a screenshot of the element, for obvious reasons I cannot share a picture of the whole building.






I do blades like this with the Railing Tool now. Unsure on any performance differences, but editting it is a whole lot easier.

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The wall tool is pretty efficient for polygons, it would deliver you the same outcome as any other tool within Archicad. Although Morphs for some reason require a bit more grunt compared to standard walls. One issue I would check is that the fins are not intersecting with any other element. If they are they are probably performing hundreds of BMAT priority-based connections. One thing to test would be to put the fins on their own layer and change the layer intersection to a unique value compared to the other layers and update you layer combination to see if it makes the file run smoother.

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Try this workflow: After every needet editing - save it as librarypart. Keep the original in another file saved, if You maybe have to edit it later anyway. Libraryparts are much faster than originals - try it out.

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Thank you for the tip! That make sense, having a easy way to edit them if needed as a whole is a great advantage.

Interesiting tip about the layer intersection, I will check it out.

I did take a look if the fins elements are touching/intersecting with other elements, they are floating in space, so no problems on that side. But was a good point to keep in mind.

Thanks. You mean select the elements and save them as an object, right?


Yes. Try it. with  multiplied objects to feel the time-difference it needs for displaing.

like this:  

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That is fantastic, thank you and now you got a new subscriber 😁.

I will pass this solution to the team.

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