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Is there a way to move sliding doors away from the wall?



I've been struggling with a seemingly simple thing... to offset a sliding door away from the wall by 4,5 cm.

Attached a picture with a trace of where I'd like the door to be... I just cant seen to find the right setting. 

Anyone got a solution? Would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!




Hello @Vivijanoz ,


Which library part are you using ? |
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Various things, including the door and window library, are version specific. For this reason it is a good idea to add some details about your setup in your forum signature. See links in mine for more information. Beyond that, when asking questions about objects, it would be advisable to include the name of the object in the post.


If you are using the Exterior Sliding Door in the INT library, or one of the localisations based on it, from memory the position from the wall edge is fixed. Believe there are a few other threads around asking about this... Might you be able to make do with the Pocket Door with a reveal that puts that panel outside the wall?




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Im using Archicad 25. The object is Exterior Sliding Door 25

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