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Label Arrow Head

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I tried to search but couldn't find an answer.

My question is, is it possible to have multiple arrows (leaders) coming from one label?
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If you go to the old Object Depository under category 01 General > Custom Labels there is an object by Masterscript (2nd one down the list) called Label Multileader - it is free and works with AC12.
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
Just for future reference:

The ArchiCAD 17 default library now contains a multileader Label object.
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Insanely this multi-leader thing is an OBJECT instead of being a label
Karl Ottenstein
BBinder wrote:
Insanely this multi-leader thing is an OBJECT instead of being a label
The challenge with making it an actual label, at least a dynamic / associative (linked) one, is that labels can only be associated with a single element / object. Somehow, one of the leaders would have to be different to identify it as "the" leader to the associated element from which data would be extracted...

I don't disagree that it is odd, just not sure what a proper solution would be?
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IMHO, it's not a BAD thing...

You can SCHEDULE OBJECTS, whereas you cannot labels.

I've said this for MANY years.. that we need the ability to SCHEDULE LABELs for producing KEYNOTE legends...

This has the potential as a replacement for the time being

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Another advantage is that you can label things so that the label appears on more than one floor, e.g. holddown labels that should appear both on the first floor framing plan and on the foundation plan.
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Iv'e just now tried to use the AC17's horrible.
the text is not very user friendly.....
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I am curious. This is 2022 almost 10 years after this post…. Is here a solution to double arrow at note that someone would be willing to please share?

(For drawings it’s so helpful that I could just point out to same objects instead doing many same notes. I like clear plans, and the cabinetry contractors prefer that they don’t have to go over hundreds same not too. Thanks)

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