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Special Shaped Windows




These trapezoid windows were made of walls (window frames), slabs (glass and window sills), and polylines (opening lines). Unfortunately, such window objects are only partially suitable because they incorrectly display the material of the opening and incorrectly calculate the area of the room.


Question for other users – does anyone know a better way to make such windows?

Question for Archicad developers – when will it be possible to simply do this with a window object?

Dalius Regelskis
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To achieve this, make a composition using multiple window types from the library, 

then, to hide lines between windows, use the command shown in the screenshot 

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I have used a range of solutions.

1) the best option is cadimage doors and windows. this is really the answer to your quetion from a User and Developer perspective. The single c/i window option is more versatile and flexible than the entire OOTB library of windows/doors

2) model laying flat using slabs and morphs, file > libraries and objects > save selection as > window

3) Library Part Maker could be a great solution for this as well, but IMO, has about the same learning curve as modeling/saving/scripting directly via option 2

4) Build it up with individual window components to get something "close enough" then schedule an opening with the final shape/size/dimensions/etc. as a redundant "schedule only" item. This option is ranked 4 because it's the most janky of the available solutions

5) there are a few other window solutions out there that could work as well; I think CADswift's infinite openings could be an option as well. It is more direct graphic interface geared than cadimage, which is more about learning the parameters and tool settings

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On that note, how do you schedule it?

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another suggestion, maybe i would use curtain walls to model out that irregular shaped windows and scheduled it separately then combine the output of the schedules in the layout. 😉

In the end what is your Objective?
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I schedulevWindows seperately, smallwindows That  form the big window share a prefix in their ID WD01_p1 , WD01_p2 etc .. WD01 is the big window,  p01 is the part, 

The rest is a layout with schedule , elevation that showssubwindows id, and a bit of dimensionning 


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Hello Dalius,


Do your own windows ! It's very easy to do by drawing on a plan with slabs.

Add another slab with ID "wallhole" to define you window hole into the wall (could be different).

Select all these slabs and "File/Library and objects/Save selection as/Window".


Like this tutorial :

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I second the notion this should be doable with curtain walls as that's what you've drawn. The window object is designed to insert in a punched opening in a wall object, which in this case would be the same shape and size as the window. The curtain wall tool should be very good for your application.

But if you really want to stick build it, have you tried making complex profiles of; side mullion (column) intermediate mullion (beam), top and bottom plates (beam), glazing (wall), window (object), etc. The drawback with this approach is documentation and maybe some wall/ beam intersections may not work out.

Another approach would be to build the curtain wall on the ground horizontally using complex profile walls for all the frame elements and complex slabs for the panels/ glazing, like you would a custom window but minus the 'wallhole'. Then make a library object and place it in your model.

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