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Architectural Model displays differently when hotlinked


Hi All,


I am having an issue where our architectural model looks different when hotlinked in to our structural model.


I have checked story settings, composites, deleting anything far from origin & wall linking but cant seem to make ground on fixing the problem, has anyone experienced this problem before? 


The architectural model was made by our sister office that has a lot less experience with ArchiCAD than we do, I didn't know if they have changed a setting that is causing this as I have never come across this before after 8 years of working with ArchiCAD. 


Pictures Attached. 




Architectural Model 1.png


Architectural Model 2.png


Structural Model 1 .png


Structural Model2.png



I completely understand your frustration with the architectural model looking different when hotlinked into the structural model. It's certainly puzzling, and having a less experienced ArchiCAD user involved adds another layer to the investigation.

While I can't diagnose the exact issue without more information, here are some steps we can explore together to narrow down the potential causes:

1. Deep Dive into Hotlink Settings:

  • Compare Hotlink Module Manager settings: Double-check that both models share identical settings for Layer Combination Options, Merge by criteria, and Operator Elements. Even minor discrepancies can cause visual differences.
  • Verify Layer Visibility: Ensure all relevant layers are visible in both models and their layer combinations within the Hotlink Manager. Sometimes hidden layers can create unexpected results.
  • Check "Filter by Level" and "Filter by Story" options: Mismatched settings here could lead to missing elements in the hotlinked model.
Barry Kelly

The bulk of the model looks fine.

It just seems to be those 2 larger skylights.

What is different about those compared to the 2 smaller ones?



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Your storey settings are the same between the hotlink and host file? Though in the hotlink settings, you can set it to retain the original storey heights.

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