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Lighting Tunnel

Hi, I am currently trying to create a lighting tunnel,attached is an example found online. This will later be put into twin motion for a render as I do not require any form of documentation for this (just looks), My initial idea was to create a profi...

JackIPL by Contributor
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Missing sidelight bottom frame on D1 Combi door

The D1 Combi Commercial is missing the bottom part of the frame on the sidelight, unlike the D1 1Sidelight interior wooden door. Is there a way to add this missing frame section?

wclander by Participant
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Template or seed file

I am looking at purchasing a template - I have played with a couple and realize if I start a new file Many things I have in another are not available. Trying to plan ahead and want to grow what would be my template not have to import into it somehow ...

Resolved! Repeating Solid Command in 3D Script

Hi there,I've run into the following issue:I have a complex shelf which I create using INSCTGROUP.But everytime I place the result, I want to be able to change the thickness of it by defining the Value of Z before placing it. Like you could do with G...

Roof shown as overhead with outline selected

Hello. When we do roofs we usually want to show them as seen from above and rarely cut, so we use the outline option for floor plan display. However when roofs have a home offset of 1660 mm or more they still show as "overhead", that is they get a da...

Resolved! Material vs composite

Hello,When we set up a composites and we need to add / modify material, we need to close the composites window and open the material, do the changes and come back to composites. In revit, all of that can be done in one windows. Are there tricks to do...

Resolved! How Can I find the Tutorials in order?

Graphic Override Combinations - Archicad Training Series 3 - 42/84The example above is number 42 of do I find all of them in order please? Or isn't that how it works?Thanks.

Ode1 by Booster
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Is the only way to avoid two walls from joining to place them on different layers with intersection different? no easy as in Revit where you can select disallow join? Thanksp

Baseboard and Crown Molding

I'm not sure how other people model baseboard and crown molding, but here's a video outlining my methods and reasoning for using complex profile beams: